Intan Siti Muslicha, Irwansyah Irwansyah


Technological advances have now given birth to new media. The information environment arises from the simultaneous and rapid interconnected Internet evolution of transmission systems, the amount of content, quality and structure of the new media itself. One example of new media is social media, including Instagram. Instagram is now not only an arena for uploading photos but as a means to carry out digital marketing activities. The social media platform has developed as a form of global communication and bridges the relationship between humans and products. As time goes on, a new business model has been born that can be found on Instagram. The business model is often called "jastip", which is a synonym for entrusted services, which allows Instagram users to buy goods through providers of services that are usually different cities or countries. This article aims to find out information about “jastip” and its impact on business activities and digital marketing, especially in Indonesia.


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Muslicha, I. S. & Irwansyah (2019). Instagram dan Fenomena “Jastip” di Indonesia [Instagram and the “Jastip” Phenomena in Indonesia]. Journal Communication Spectrum, 9(2), 143-157.


New Media; Social Media; Instagram; Digital Marketing; Jastip


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