A Study on Beef Drying Regime towards Sustainable Energy

Bich Huy Nguyen, Hay Nguyen


Beef  is one of the popular meat as the daily food in general and beef processing technology might become one of the interesting food processing research in Vietnam. There are many researchers and industrial companies study on how to create and to develop more kind of instant beef in which the beef drying plays as one of the common food using in Vietnam. For this aspect, finding out the suitable drying regime with the reasonable energy source towards the sustainable is highly attraction. This paper presents the different experimental studies on beef drying using hot-air dryer, heat pump dryer and solar dryer. The results proved that solar energy can be used as a sustainable energy source for forced convection dryer to drying beef with high quality and passing the food standard requirements. The drying regime for beef is as 1) temperature drying is 500C, and 2) the time drying is around 7 hours. The RH of beef might reduce from 75% to 36.7% within 7 hours or the RH rate is around 5.5% per hour when using solar dryer. The quality and color of dried-beef are also tested and it is shown that they are well and satisfied the market requirements.


Key words: solar dryer; beef processing; dryer; head pump.



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